27 Jul 2023

Next-generation CNC "OSP-P500"
Wins 53rd Machine Design Award for Excellence (METI)

The next-generation CNC that makes customers' manufacturing DX a reality. "OSP-P500"

  • Next-generation CNC <br>"OSP-P500" Wins 53rd Machine Design Award for Excellence (METI)

Okuma's Next-generation CNC "OSP-P500" received the Minister's Award for Excellence from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) at the 53rd Machine Design Awards ceremonies sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Business & Technology Daily News).

The OSP-P500 is a next-generation CNC that enables customers to improve productivity and implement manufacturing DX.
On the CNC control, an advanced Digital Twin environment can be created to accurately replicate machine control and cutting operations. This enables estimation of machining time to be done ultra-quickly (only takes 1/1000 the time of actual machining) and highly accurately. Extremely accurate simulations (equivalent to doing actual operations on your machine) can be done on your office PC. This enables in-office verification and reduces machine downtime.
The operation panel has also been redesigned for improved visibility and easy use. Even beginners who do not know NC programming language can do everything required to machine a part (preparation, machining, and inspection) by simply following the guidance.
Improved performance in computer processing enables cycle times to become up to 15% shorter for the same machining program. ECO suite plus is provided as a standard feature for enhancing visualization of CO2 emissions and allowing improved intermittent operation of peripheral equipment. The synergy with the Thermo-Friendly Concept (Extremely accurate thermal deformation compensation) contributes to decarbonization while maintaining high accuracy and productivity.
Furthermore, the system is equipped with robust security functions for defense, protection, and recovery against cyber attacks. OSP-P500 protects valuable assets such as machine operation and machining programs.