A next-generation CNC that makes customer manufacturing DX (digital transformation) a reality OSP-P500

Improved productivity and stable production

As Your Single Source for M-E-I-K (Mechanics - Electronics - IT - Knowledge), Okuma offers this CNC to build an advanced “digital twin” that faithfully reproduces machine control and machining operations and creates new value.
In addition, the product helps improve productivity and realize stable production, featuring ease of use that allows customers to use their machining know-how. Additional features are: control technology that achieves high-speed and high-accuracy machining, energy-saving solutions that achieve both high productivity/accuracy and eco-friendliness, and robust security functions to protect against the increasing threat of cyber attacks.

Faithful reproduction of machines and processing — Digital support for shop floor workDigital Twin

"Okuma’s two digital twins" made possible by an office PC and a next-generation CNC reduce machine downtime and improve machine utilization

Digital Twin

* The simulator is an OSP-P500 option.

Super easy for novice operators — using skilled machinist shop floor experienceInnovative Operations

Guides and assists operators in a series of parts machining, from preps to cutting and inspection

  • It’s also possible to customize the procedure and utilize end-user knowhow.
Innovative Operations
Displaying and guiding job order according to purpose

Combining Eco-friendliness with High Productivity and High Accuracy

Green-Smart Machine

Equipped with ECO suite plus, Green-Smart Machine contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

Next-Generation Energy-Saving System

ECO suite plus

The ECO suite plus Power Monitor visualizes carbon dioxide emissions in real time

Next-Generation Energy-Saving System

Keeping machines and factories protected and running in a connected world.Cybersecurity

Increasing cyber resilience and protection of the basic performance of machines, part programs, and other assets with robust security functions.

  • Identification and authentication of operators and communications to prevent unauthorized access and connections, etc.
  • Whitelisting of allowed files and applications
  • Tamper prevention, anomaly detection, etc. to control damage
Data restoration
  • Control software, data backup functions, etc.