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The following terms of use are applied to customers using the Okuma Corporation (hereinafter, "Okuma") web site (https://www.okuma.co.jp/english/index.html). Use of this web site is taken to indicate that the customer agrees to these conditions of use. Okuma may change these terms of use as needed. In such cases, the changes will become effective with their posting on the web site.
Okuma will take all due precautions when posting information on this web site, but can make no guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, or usefulness to the customer of this information. Okuma shall bear no responsibility for any loss incurred by customers through the use of this Web site.
Change to or deletion of information publicly available on this web site shall, as a rule, be done after advance notice to customers. Okuma may, for unavoidable or other reasons, temporarily or permanently close this web site at its own discretion. Okuma shall bear no responsibility for any loss incurred by customers as a result of changes, deletions, or the temporary or permanent closing of this web site.

Recommended browsers

Okuma recommends Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.01 or newer, or Netscape versions 7.1 or newer for viewing this Web site. It may not be possible to use the site in some cases, or the site may not be displayed properly, with the use of other browsers or even the recommended browsers depending on the settings. Screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or higher is recommended.


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Information on products, services, technology, etc. provided to customers on this web site are protected by copyright laws, trademark laws, and other laws related to intellectual property rights. Customers can use them only within the limits prescribed by law for fixed personal or other use. Written consent from Okuma is required for any other use (including copying, forwarding, distribution, transfer to other parties, adaptation, etc. This is also true of the following). Okuma's corporate name, trademark and other symbols used on this Web site are protected by trademark laws, unfair competition prevention laws, and other laws. They may not be used without written permission from Okuma.

Prohibited acts

The following acts are prohibited in the use of this Web site.
  1. Acts that violate the privacy of third parties or Okuma, or that risk such violation. This includes the use of personal information carried on this Web site.

  2. Acts that are detrimental or cause loss to third parties or Okuma, or that risk such detriment or loss. Acts that slander, libel, or threaten third parties or Okuma.

  3. Acts that are offensive to public decency, or that risk such offense.

  4. Criminal acts, acts that lead to criminal acts, or that carry such risk.

  5. Registering or sending other people's email addresses or other personal information, or impersonating other people.

  6. Acts that defame the good name or trustworthiness of Okuma or this web site.

  7. Use or provision of harmful computer programs such as viruses, or acts that risk such provision.

  8. Acts that violate laws or regulations, or that risk such violation.

  9. Other acts that Okuma judges as necessary to be unsuitable.


Okuma takes the utmost care in posting information on this web site. However, we make no guarantee as to its accuracy, usefulness, reliability, suitability to the purposes for which the customer uses it, or safety (that it will not interrupt functions or contain computer viruses or other malicious data or programs, that it will correct faults, etc.). Okuma shall bear no responsibility for use of this information by the customer, for inability to use it, or for any loss or damage that occurs with the use of this web site.

Links to this Web site

Anyone who would like to link to this site, whether a company or an individual, is asked to click here to inquire.
  1. The URL to be used for linking to this site is, as a rule, that for the site's main page: https://www.okuma.co.jp/english/index.html

  2. Okuma's logo and other registered trademarks may not be used in links to this site without prior consent from Okuma. Okuma refuses links set up in a way that causes misconception about the source of the information.

  3. Make sure to make settings so that this web site opens in a new browser window. If this site is opened within a frame it will not be clear that the contents are Okuma's, which may cause misconceptions in third parties.

  4. We strictly refuse links from any of the following types of Web site.

    • Sites that include contents whose aim is to libel or undermine confidence in Okuma, other companies (individuals), or other groups.

    • Sites that violate the copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights, assets, privacy, portrait rights or other rights of Okuma, other companies (individuals), or other groups, or risk such violation.

    • Sites that include statements that falsely indicate any kind of tie-up or cooperation with Okuma, or that give rise to the misconception that Okuma is the site from which the link originates or that Okuma supports that site.

    • Sites not listed above that violate any laws, regulations, rules or any other statute, offend public decency, or that may obstruct the operation of this web site.
  5. Those wishing to link to this Web site are asked to click here to provide the following information.
    (1) Company, individual, or group name
    (2) Representative's name
    (3) Address
    (4) Telephone
    (5) E-mail address
    (6) URL

Linked sites

The contents of third party web sites (not Okuma sites) that are linked to or from this web site (in the following, "linked sites") are managed under the responsibility of the respective company. In using linked sites, please obey legal provisions such as copyright and usage conditions for each site. Okuma bears no responsibility for the contents of linked sites, or for any damage incurred as a result of the use of these sites.

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