LB3000 EX Ⅲ 1-Saddle CNC Lathe
and MB-46V Ⅱ Vertical Machining Center
Long-selling brands that are beloved and evolving

Long-selling brands that are loved and evolving LB3000 EX Ⅲ MB-46V Ⅱ

Contributing to solving social issues.

Redesigned to be the best solution
for your factory

What do machine tool manufacturers need to do to solve issues that machine shops are facing?
Issues such as labor force reduction, passing on skills to the next generation, and decarbonization?
Okuma has faced these issues head-on, providing clear solutions
with its state-of-the-art LB3000 EX Ⅲ CNC lathe and MB-46V Ⅱ vertical machining center.
A variety of solutions can contribute to not only the evolution of a single machine but also to the optimization of an entire factory.
Employees involved in development of the new models, which have achieved world-leading levels of high-accuracy and energy-saving performance, gathered to discuss the manufacturing of tomorrow while sharing some of the secrets behind their development.