31 Jul 2019

Okuma's ARMROID Next-Gen Robot System
Wins 49th Machine Design Award for Excellence (METI)

Okuma's ARMROID Next-Gen Robot System received a Minister's Award for Excellence from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) at the 49th Machine Design Awards ceremonies sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Business & Technology Daily News).

ARMROID is a Next-Gen Robot System designed to take on the challenges facing the manufacturing industry today, such as labor shortages and ways to handle the so called "work style reforms" issue. The design concept of ARMROID focused mainly on the following three ideas.

Humanoid robotic designing
  • To deliver the world's first interference-free machining in the work area of a CNC lathe with a built-in articulated robot
  • To allow applications oriented toward customer "working styles," and efficient human/robot work-sharing production with freely configured automated robot cells
  • To offer compact accessibility without impairing worker productivity
Super fusion robotic designing
  • Provides robot operation in the machining chamber during cutting that is impossible with conventional robots
  • Achieves high-level support for chip disposal and chatter suppression during machining
Innovative functionality designing
  • Allowing any operator to easily use the machine/robot system in the same seamless operation, without requiring special robotic skills
  • Minimizing teaching tasks, so no system integrators are required

ARMROID is a completely new robotic system that changes the way manufacturing is done, and made possible only by Okuma, Your Single Source for M-E-I-K (Mechanics - Electronics - IT - Knowledge).