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The “ECO suite” Next-Generation Energy-Saving System Wins
Excellence Award / Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
at Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun’s 45th Machine Design Awards
07 August 2015

Okuma’s ECO suite next-generation energy-saving system has won the Excellence Award/Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 45th Machine Design Awards sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Business & Technology Daily News. The ECO suite is a next-generation system that saves energy by reducing the power consumption during both machine operating and waiting times.

It consists of ECO Idling, the world’s first application to stop machine tool idling; the ECO Power Monitor that displays power consumption in real time with visual graphics; and ECO Hydraulics and ECO Operation to optimize energy savings in accordance with the machine shop environment. It is an advanced energy-saving technology that dramatically cuts power consumption while high machining accuracy is maintained.

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Example of ECO Power Monitor display

Example of ECO Power Monitor display

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