17 Dec 2020

Okuma's MB-80V Vertical Machining Center
Receives a 50th Machine Design Award

Okuma's MB-80V Vertical Machining Center won a Machine Design Award (IDEA) sponsored by The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd. (The Daily Industrial News). Two of our products won this prize at the same time; the other being our MCR-S Double Column Machining Center.

The MB-80V is a VMC for long-term unattended operation of large components and die/molds.
In the manufacturing of large components and die/molds, where demand is increasing mainly in the semiconductor and the automobile industries, there is a demand—due to a shortage of human resources—for machine tools that achieve long periods of unmanned operation with high productivity and good maintainability.
The MB-80V was developed to solve these market challenges.
There are three main design concepts:

Smart machine designing that never stops
  • The high chip discharge performance of the "sludge-less tank*" and "crossrail mounted shower coolant*" enhance automated and unmanned cleaning jobs, to provide long-hours of stable, unattended operation.
  • Equipped with 3D Calibration*, a newly developed volumetric accuracy calibration technology that compares the spatial accuracy of the machine with ultra-high accuracy very quickly.
  • Okuma's Thermo Friendly Concept, a thermal deformation control technology uses AI technology to keep the machine operating with high accuracy and stability even when factory/ambient temperatures change.
Innovative visualization designs
  • Equipped with an Accuracy Stability Diagnosis Function* that allows the machine to self-diagnose machine accuracy stability with easy-to-understand numericals and visuals.
  • Equipped with an AI Machine Diagnosis Function*, which allows AI to autonomously self-diagnose and visualize the presence or absence of abnormalities in spindle bearings and ball screws and locate deformations, to prevent machine failures.
Throughput maximizing designs
  • Best footprint productivity with the largest work envelope in the smallest space.
  • Equipped with Hyper-Surface*, a machining surface high-quality NC control technology that helps achieve high-quality die/molds without advanced levels of operator know-how.
  • High flexibility and expandability to build an optimal automation system according to the workpiece, type of production, and factory space.

* Optional

The MB-80V is a vertical machining center that revolutionizes the manufacturing process for machining large components and die/molds and significantly changes the way people work.

  • MB-80V Vertical Machining Center