14 Jan 2022

Okuma's MA-8000H Horizontal Machining Center
Wins 64th (2021) Best 10 New Products Awards

For Decarbonization and Highly Efficient Production

  • Wins 64th (2021) Best 10 New Products Awards

The MA-8000H Horizontal Machining Center received the 2021 Best 10 New Products and Masuda Awards sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (The Daily Industrial News). The Best Ten New Products are selected from the products developed and put into practical use during the year, and for Okuma this will be the18th award received from 2003 to 2021. The Masuda Award was also received and is the highest award given to products that have been certified as excellent.

The MA-8000H is a horizontal machining center that achieves "sustainability" along with high accuracy and productivity through autonomously controlled energy-saving technology that promotes decarbonization by machine tools. Equipped with Okuma's Thermo Friendly Concept and "ECO suite plus" as standard, these energy-saving technologies allow the machine to autonomously maintain high accuracy stability and decarbonization by reducing carbon dioxide emissions during the production process.

Functions like a "sludgeless tank" to reduce the frequency of tank cleaning and an AI Machining Diagnosis Function to prevent tool defects enable continuous long-run operations and provide flexible labor-saving automation.

Okuma's MA-8000H offers dramatic improvements in labor productivity by solving social and environmental issues confronting manufacturing facilities across a wide range of industries including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, energy-related products, and automobiles.