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OSP-AI AI Machine Diagnosis Function (Optional)

Okuma uses AI to achieve stable operation by self-diagnosis of machines, reduce product defects and reduce wasted time by analyzing machine information.

OSP-AI self-diagnosis technology for machine tools makes possible failure prediction diagnosis of machine elements and self-diagnosis of drilling conditions.

Achieve stable operation by using AI (artificial intelligence)

Minimize downtime with early detection of machine damage

AI Machine Diagnosis Function

Self-diagnosis of machine operating conditions

The AI installed in the OSP diagnoses the presence or absence of abnormalities in the spindle and feed axes of the machine and identifies other malfunctions. You can minimize downtime due to machine outages and maintain stable productivity for a long period of time.
The fusion of machine and control technologies eliminates the need for measuring instruments and easy operation can be performed with the push of a button.

AI Spindle Diagnosis Function
AI Feed Axis Diagnosis Function
* AbsoScale specs are required for diagnosing ball screw defects.
Easy Operation 3-STEP
  1. STEP1

    Start & follow guidance screens
    Start & follow guidance screens
  2. STEP2

    Execute diagnostic operation and acquire data
    Execute diagnostic operation and acquire data
  3. STEP3


    Easy-to-understand results displayed

    The "suite app" provides a concise view of the current status and recommended actions.

* An OSP-P300A optional function.

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