Servo Navi

Optimized Servo Control  For Machining Center and Lathe Applications


Optimum settings automatically identifieded  SERVONAVI AI  (Automatic Identification)

For machining centers  Work Weight Auto Setting

Cycle time shortened with faster acceleration

Work Weight Auto Setting estimates the weight of the workpiece and fixture on the table and automatically sets servo parameters, including acceleration, to the optimum values. Cycle times are shortened with no changes to machining accuracy.

Comparison of press die finishing times  Cycle time reduced12%

Simulated comparison.
Especially beneficial for dies requiring sculptured surface shaping.

For lathes  Auto Inertia Setting

Achieve higher accuracies and more stable movements

Auto Inertia Setting estimates chuck and workpiece inertia from acceleration torque and automatically changes servo parameter
settings to the optimum values so that high accuracy and stable movement can be maintained.

Following error comparison during C-axis motion

Positioning error reduced

Because SERVONAVI can reliably set the optimum servo
parameters, following errors and positioning errors can both be reduced. It also helps to prevent oscillation (hunting) during C-axis electromechanical coupling.

Enables longer machine use  SERVONAVI SF  (Surface Fine-tuning)

Reversal Spike Auto Adjustment

Maintains machining accuracy and surface quality

Slide resistance changes with length of time machine tools are utilized, and discrepancies occur with the servo parameters that were the best when the machine was first installed. This may produce crease marks at motion reversals and affect machining accuracy (part surface quality).

Comparison of DBB* measurements

Reversal spikes decreased

SERVONAVI’s Reversal Spike Auto Adjustment maintains
machining accuracy by switching servo parameters to the optimum values matched to changes in slide resistance.

Comparison of machined surface quality

Crease marks eliminated

With aging : Crease marks from axis reversal  After SERVONAVI : Equivalent to the new (machine)

When SERVONAVI is used, crease marks during axis reversal can be eliminated. This makes it possible for users to eliminate these marks themselves when reversal spikes occur on machines after years of use.

Okuma’s AbsoScale offers considerable improvement of machining accuracy and surface quality. Without an AbsoScale, backlash compensation should be done when required.

Vibration Auto Adjustment

Contributes to longer machine life

Vibration Auto Adjustment can quickly eliminate noise and vibration even from machines with years of operation.

Comparison of following error during feed shaft movement

Vibration is controlled

Using Vibration Auto Adjustment can quickly eliminate the vibration to improve machined surface quality.
This makes it possible for users themselves to resolve vibration or other problems when they occur. Machine life is also lengthened since the ball screw replacement cycle can be increased.

With the exception of some models, SERVONAVI is standard on machining centers, lathes and multitasking machines equipped with the
OSP-P300. Please contact an Okuma sales representative for models and periods of availability.


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