Machining Navi Cutting conditions search Find the best cutting condition  for your application


Cutting condition search function for milling Machining Navi M-i

Simple, auto-mode—leave it to the machine (Auto Control)

Chatter vibration is measured by built-in sensors, and Machining Navi automatically changes spindle speed to the optimum speed.
In other words, vibration measurement, optimum spindle speed calculations and spindle speed adjustments are then made automatically.

Cutting condition search function for milling Machining Navi M-g

Adjust cutting conditions while monitoring the data

Based on the chatter noise captured by the microphone, Machining Navi displays a number of optimal spindle speed possibilities on the screen. The operator can change to the indicated spindle speed with a single touch and immediately confirm the result.

Cutting condition search function for turning Machining Navi L-g

Chatter-free applications for lathes

Chatter in a lathe can be suppressed by changing spindle speeds to the ideal amplitude and wave cycle—without decreasing spindle speed.

Cutting condition search in threading Machining Navi T-g (threading)

Threading chatter can be quickly and easily controlled by anyone

Shows the highest productivity

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