A revolution in 5-axis machining accuracy -Fast, easy tuning for geometric error can be done by anyone-


How is this 5-axis accuracy achieved?

Geometric error that cannot be ignored
On 5-axis machines the effects on machining accuracy of geometric error involving the rotary axis cannot be ignored. Errors include displacement of the center position of the rotary axis, tilt of the rotary axis with respect to the orthogonal axis, thermal deformation, changes over time in the installation environment, and on and on. In fact, there are 13 kinds of geometric error on 5-axis machines. (Note: Okuma's 5-Axis Auto Tuning System handles up to 11 types of geometric error.) These errors can cause steps in slope machining, shape defects in curve machining, and other problems.
Geometric error changes
Even on small machines with small geometric error, the error becomes larger with changes over time. To maintain high 5-axis machining accuracy, therefore, on-site tuning must be done for fluctuating geometric error.
Time and effort lost to compensation work
Tuning is required for high-accuracy 5-axis machining. There are probably also times when adjustment is done by hand on the shop floor using a block gauge or reference tools. However, adjusting for many types of geometric error takes both time and effort. Moreover, measurements done by hand vary. This makes it difficult to obtain precision with a 5-axis machine.

Examples of geometric error

The 5-Axis Auto Tuning System solves the tough problem of geometric error.

Let the machine do the tuning for you in about 10 minutes. Surprisingly simple with "Easy Operation"OSP.

Start of tuning / Tuning complete

* Measurement time when tuning for 11 types of geometric error in full mode.
 Measurement time changes depending on the measurement mode.
 In simple mode, tuning for 4 types of geometric error takes about 5 minutes.

High accuracy tuning-thanks to Okuma's "Single Source Machine & Control" manufacturing

The 5-Axis Auto Tuning System measures geometric error using a touch probe and datum sphere. Tuning is done for movement accuracy of 5-axis machines by compensation using measurement results. This enables 5-axis machining accuracy to achieve the next level.

Manual adjustment without 5-Axis Auto Tuning System Max12μm ⇒ After using 5-Axis Auto Tuning System Max3μm
(actual data)

Tools (table) are tilted to various angles, and when tuning is done manually for 4 kinds of geometric error for each machined surface in multi-sided machining, the maximum step in the machined surfaces is 12 μm. With the 5-Axis Auto Tuning System, the maximum step is 3 μm and on most machined surfaces there will be no step at all.
  • For changes over time 5-Axis Auto Tuning System
  • For temperature changes Thermo-Friendly Concept

These intelligent technologies maintain high accuracy over long periods

The 5-Axis Auto Tuning System is also now available on these machines (Optional)

5-Axis vertical machining centers
5-Axis multitasking machines
5-Axis horizontal machining center

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