Collision Avoidance System Collision prevention

Allowing operators to focus on making parts


NC controller (OSP) with 3D model data of machine components––workpiece, tool, chuck,  xture, headstock, turret, tailstock––performs real time simulation just ahead of actual machine movements. It checks for interference or collisions, and stops the machine movement immediately before collision. Machinists (novice or pro) will bene t from reduced setup and trial cycle times, and the con dence to focus on making parts.

OSP-P300 –– A machine control and Windows® collaboration

High level collision prevention

The Collision Avoidance System is the most advanced and practical collision prevention system available. It employs enhanced modeling with easy setting of blank shape and tool models and data coordination with a 3D Virtual Monitor, an off-line machine interference check function.

Collision prevention  during automatic operation

NC program is read in advance and axial travel commands are checked for interference with consideration of zero point and tool compensation values set in NC. Axial travel movement is stopped temporarily before collision occurs.

Collision avoidance in  manual operation

Especially useful for machine operators setting up a job, collision avoidance in manual mode provides collision-free con dence and faster machining preparations. This operator assurance comes from Hairbreadth Stop—another innovation based on Okuma’s expertise in integrating powerful simulated processing with its high-tech machine control.

Easy modeling

Improved spindle utilization

Case example Significant reduction in machining preparation time

Prevents collisions in all types
of situations.

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