14 Jan 2020

MCR-S Double-Column Machining Center
62nd (2019) Best 10 New Products Award Winner

Okuma's double column for
super-accurate and process-intensive press die applications

  • 62nd (2019) Best 10 New Products Award Winner

The MCR-S (Super) Double-Column Machining Center has won a 2019 Best 10 New Products Award sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Business & Technology Daily News). The 10 Best New Products are selected from new products developed and put into practical use during the year, which have also contributed to the advancement of manufacturing and the strengthening of Japan's international competitiveness. This is the 16th time Okuma has won this award.

The MCR-S is a double-column machining center that provides extremely high accuracies and process-intensive machining of press dies. In recent years, along with meeting very high shape accuracy and machined surface quality requirements, the product development goal for the MCR-S has been to achieve innovative press die productivity with shorter lead times.

In addition to the dramatic improvement in shape accuracy by advanced volumetric accuracy compensation technology, on-machine measurement comparable to a 3D measuring machine has been achieved, enabling a significant reduction in hand finishing work and the integration of various measurement processes. In addition, by using Okuma‘s laser technology, it is possible to perform heat treatment and cladder repair of the mold without unloading it from the machine.

The MCR-S innovates manufacturing processes for high-quality press dies and achieves a significant reduction in total lead time without relying on highly skilled machinists.

  • Measurement on the machine tool (normal factory environment)
    Measurement on the machine tool
    (normal factory environment)