18 Nov 2019

Okuma launches the MB-80V High-Accuracy Large Vertical Machining Center
Ideal for large components used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment
and automobile die/mold applications

Okuma Corporation has developed the MB-80V, a high-accuracy vertical machining center that is ideal for machining large parts. MB-80V, now the largest of the MB-V Series of VMCs, highly regarded for extremely high cutting accuracy, high speeds, and powerful heavy-duty cutting, offers maximum quality and productivity — as a smart machine — to handle the increasing size of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and automobile die/molds.

The big 4 major features of the MB-80V:

① Provides a large work envelope in a small footprint

Effective use with respect to the table size has been maximized, to provide the Largest-in-Class "machining area" possible in the smallest floor space.
Table size: 1,600 × 800 mm
X-Y-Z axis travels: 1,600 - 1,050 - 600 mm

② Superb accuracy stability over long unattended runs using AI and Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept

Planned maintenance is possible with predictive maintenance technology utilizing AI to prevent sudden machine downtime.
And with the Thermo-Friendly Concept on-board, the world's best dimensional stability (8 μm at 8℃ change) for a machining center of the same size is an impressive achievement.

③ An "Unstoppable Machine" with high chip discharge performance and smart machine expandability

The capacity to handle large volumes of chips also means drastically reduced cleaning work inside the machine. Moreover, this machine is well designed for flexible automation requiring various fixture applications.

④ Significant reduction in production lead time

Cycle times are shorter with highly efficient machining from a powerful spindle and CNC controlled Hyper-Surface technology.

  • MB-80V Vertical Machining Center
    MB-80V Vertical Machining Center