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Achieving dimensional stability of less than 10 microns over time

Outdoor power equipment (OPE)

Yamabiko Corporation

  1. Issues

    Dimension compensation required many times a day

    • With 4 VMCs and 2 CNC lathes on a dedicated production line, setup changes are time consuming.
    • Warm-ups are required, and thermal deformation along the Z/Y axes vary.
  2. Implementation

    Changed to continuous processing with 2 multitasking machines.
    Using Thermo-Friendly Concept to achieve stable accuracies even with continuous long runs.

  3. Effectiveness

    Stable dimensions even during long continuous runs

    • There was no need to make dimensional corrections, and after full operation for 24 hours, there were no problems with post-process operations.

The User's Voice

What was really encouraging when we installed the MULTUS was that when something went wrong, we were able to immediately analyze the cause and solve it, without being restricted by product manufacturer access limitations.
We could see from Okuma that "the purpose is not to sell machines, but to find value in supporting the manufacturing needs of the user."
Perhaps their Intelligent Technologies such as the Thermo-Friendly Concept and Collision Avoidance System were born from such a corporate culture.

Customer Information

Yamabiko Corporation

Head Office
1-7-2 Suehirocho, Oume, Tokyo
December 2008
Manufacture and sale of outdoor power equipment, various machinery (agricultural, industrial)
3,372 (As of the end of December 2019/consolidated)
Okuma Products/Technology

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