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Using multitasking machines
for mass production of energy-related parts

Precision machining, robotics

Sanwa Robotics Co., Ltd.

The situation when interviewed

An order was received for a big project to cut aluminum up to 30 kg, producing several types of parts for almost 24 hours, and supplied continuously for 10 years.
The quality standards are strict, and dimensional tolerances and surface roughness as well as minute scratches are not allowed.

  1. Issues

    Selecting multitasking machines that are highly rigid and accurate even during long, continuous runs

    • Comparing the rigidity and accuracy of multitasking machines from different manufacturers.
    • Working with an automation line that provides efficient and stable production.
  2. Implementation

    At the Okuma factory, the mechanical structure of the MULTUS BⅡ machines, assembling procedures, and slide-action noise were confirmed, and then ordered.

  3. Effectiveness

    Stable positioning accuracy in boring became a reality

    • The positioning accuracy in boring is stable within ±100 mm, compensation became unnecessary.
    • We experienced the high machine rigidity and thermal stability assured by the Thermo-Friendly Concept.

Impressions using the Okuma machines

It was their first time using the OSP, but the team leader mastered the settings, programming, and operations in a short period of time.
In that process, they seemed to understand the design concept of the OSP, and they let us know "how easy coordinate axis settings were, and how programming, compensation jobs were operator friendly."

Customer Information

Sanwa Robotics Co., Ltd.

Head Office /
7756-3 Kawaji, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture
Precision equipment, smart factory applications

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