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Precision machining of difficult-to-cut parts for optical semiconductors

Metal cutting for communications industry applications

MICRO-CUT Corporation

The situation when interviewed

Most of the materials for optical semiconductor parts such as LEDs are difficult-to-cut materials, and machining requires micron-dimensional accuracy and strict surface roughness control.

  1. Issues

    Machining centers with excellent dimensional stability

    • We would like to achieve high-precision parts created with prototypes with high efficiency through mass production.
  2. Implementation

    Installed the MB-46 and -56VA vertical machining centers with the Thermo-Friendly Concept as standard equipment.

  3. Effectiveness

    Clears the required accuracy within the 5-micron tolerance.
    Less chatter when machining difficult-to-cut materials

    • The required accuracy of a 5-micron tolerance was cleared, and compensation for thermal deformation became unnecessary.
    • High-efficiency machining is now possible while suppressing chatter even on workpieces where the cutting speed cannot be reduced.

Customer Information

MICRO-CUT Corporation

Head Office /
12-2 Kokubu Uenohara Techno Park, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Focusing on precision metal cutting for the communication/optical communication industries, high-accuracy, composite shape, and metal press machining of various difficult-to-cut materials
Okuma Products/Technology

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