A New Machining Solution for Titanium Alloys and Other Difficult-to-cut Materials

Dynamic Tool Load Control

Dynamic Tool Load Control suppresses chipping when using insert-tipped tools, extending tool life and achieving stable machining for difficult-to-cut materials.


Dramatically extends tool life by equalizing the cutting force per insert-tipped tool blade.

Longer tool life and elimination of expensive solid tools makes it possible to reduce tool costs to one-fifth or even one-tenth.

Machining difficult-to-cut material using an insert-tipped tool


High-efficiency machining of difficult-to-cut materials Reduced chipping of insert-tipped tools means lower tool costs and extended tool life

Actual data: Chip volume per tool (tool life) under identical cutting conditions
When cutting titanium alloy,tool life improved 2.3 times (approx.) (Okuma comparisons)
When cutting stainless steel,tool life improved 5.2 times (approx.) (Okuma comparisons)

Optimal control of tool rotation and feed rate

Dynamic Tool Load Control for equalized cutting force per tool blade
DTLC optimizes the feed rate according to tool runout while the tool is rotating, eliminating the need to reduce the overall feed rate.
Runout produced with insert-tipped tool
Equalization of cutting force by adjusting feed rate according to runout

Issues in Machining Difficult-to-cut Materials

Tool life is shortened by tool runout arising from poor cutting performance, lowering cutting conditions and making it necessary to use expensive solid tools and special tools.

Advanced synchronized control of shaft speed and feed rate resolves these issues!


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