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Changing conditions during threading while maintaining the thread pitch

Variable Spindle Speed Threading

Perfectly synchronized feed axis with change of spindle speed.
Thread pitch accuracy is maintained with spindle speed changes during threading.

  1. Production floor issues
    Optimizing cutting conditions is difficult
    • ・Changing spindle speed to suppress chatter while threading shifts the pitch and ruins thread geometries.
    • ・Optimizing long-screw cutting conditions at the machine is tough.
    • ・Spindle speeds can't be changed during threading so test cutting can't be done.
  2. User benefits
    Optimizing conditions possible during trial cuts
    • ・Changing spindle speed during threading is possible to set best conditions.
    • ・Changing roughing and finishing spindle speeds — no longer an issue.

Increase productivity by changing the override while threading

After a spindle phase and Z-axis position check (synchronized), a Z-axis follow with the spindle speed change will maintain the same thread pitch. When chatter occurs, the spindle speed can be lowered, then raised when cutting conditions appear acceptable, while maintaining pitch accuracy and thus performing spindle speed changes in the same pass.

Increase productivity by changing the override while threading
Easy threading of variable pitches
having difficult programs

Variable Lead Threading

How the pitch can be increased or decreased for every revolution.

  1. Production floor issues
    Changing screw pitches is hard to do
    • ・On worm screws that require certain pitch changes, threading can’t be done.
    • ・Programming for variable pitch threading is complicated.
  2. User benefits
    Like threading with canned cycles
    • ・As with normal threading, just giving the increase/decrease command enables variable pitch threading.

Programming for Variable Pitch Threading is easy

As with normal threading programs, simply give the command per pitch to change its amount.
Similarly, and except for perpendicular infeeds, tapers and other cycles are also available.

Programming for Variable Pitch Threading is easy
Easy rethread phase matching

Thread Phase Matching

For previously done threads, simply align the tool — visually — to start a rethread.

  1. Production floor issues
    Thread phase matching isn’t easy
    • ・Phases don't match after a rethread or finishing after hardening.
  2. User benefits
    Thread phase matching is easy
    • ・Even after unchucking, or threading on another machine.

Easy setting of threading start position

Manually aligning the tool to set the rethread start position, is all that's necessary.

Easy setting of threading start position