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Process-intensive 3D gauging for
multitasking machines

NC Gage

Measure shapes on the machine to calculate geometric error and virtual positions.
Intuitive teaching operations make it easy to create a measurement program.

  1. Production floor issues
    Setup changes required for 3D measurement
    • ・Workpiece removal, transport, re-mount, etc; troublesome.
    • ・Workpiece angles need to be changed to measure slopes.
    • ・Must make measuring programs with difficult macros.
  2. User benefits
    Lead-time drastically reduced without changeovers
    • ・Mount/dismount, moving fixtures for measuring devices not required.
    • ・Measure surfaces and slopes without changing workpiece posture.
    • ・“Easy Operation” allows you to create measuring programs.

On-machine 3D measuring reduces setup changes

Auto programming
Easy to create programs to measure and calculate geometric errors and workpiece positions.
Reduced setups
Geometry pass/fail can be determined on-machine.
Before / After

Easy measuring with intuitive Teach-In programming

Teach-In helps make various measuring programs without using difficult macros.

Measuring functions
Measuring functions