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Auto machining data compensation, easy and improved die/mold surface quality


Hyper-Surface, in addition to the Sculptured-Surface Adaptive Acceleration Control featured in the
previous Super-NURBS, detects CAM-output machining data “disturbance,” and corrects that on the
Okuma CNC to improve surface quality while maintaining the required shape accuracy.

  1. Production floor issues
    Machining data command-point
    disturbance adversely affects
    surface quality
    • ・Machining data variations result in scratches on the machined surface.
    • ・Correcting the supplied data is difficult.
    • ・Removing cutter marks by hand finishing and polishing is time consuming.
  2. User benefits
    Better surface quality without modifying the machining data
    • ・Eliminates the time required for hand finishing.
    • ・Reduce scratches and uneven edges.

Eliminating variations in command position and feed rate improve machined surface quality

Automatically corrects for small variations in machining data command positions of output from a CAM processor.
And passing speeds for each cutter path at corners are made consistent.
That stabilizes feed rates and improves surface quality.

Conditions Tool Spindle
Feed rate
Pick feed
ø10-mm ball
end mill
15,000 6,000 0.2 0.1
Hyper-Surface ON / OFF

Aligning adjacent cutter paths, reducing ridges

Correcting uneven spaces between adjacent cutter paths, and reducing inconsistent valley depths and edge widths.

Tool Spindle speed
Spindle feed rate
Pick feed[mm] Depth of cut
ø30-mm ball
end mill
10,000 5,000 0.5 0.1
Hyper-Surface ON / OFF