Being simple, a multifaceted technician, changing the way we work
Okuma built-in robots bring 3 breakthrough innovations

Being simple

The ROID Navi was developed specifically for machine tool operators,
eliminating the need for complex robot programming.

Easy machine tool or robot operation by any operator

Okuma's intelligent machine tool CNC enables real time gesture control of both the robot and machine tool.

Machine operation Robot operation

ROID Navi EZ Operating Tool

The robot's motion program automatically generates an optimal motion path that does not collide, simply by displaying the input start and end points and the parameters according to guidance prompts. Even beginners in robotics can learn the ropes to operate from day one.

Ease of use

With the machine's pulse handle, robot operations can be performed easily with almost surgical precision.

Pre-op 3D simulation to confirm robot collision avoidance.

A multifaceted technician

Letting robots consistently perform better than
skilled machinists on routine, repetitive tasks.

Achieve high-level processing support possible only with built-in robots

Providing in-process support in the machining chamber that is impossible with conventional robots.

  • Part load/unload,

    Max 5 kg (LB3000 EXⅡ)
    Max 10 kg (MULTUS B250Ⅱ )

  • Chatter suppression

    Workpiece support controls chattering during cutting

  • Chip removal

    Eliminating chip entanglement by mixed blasts

  • In-machine cleaning

    Preventing chip accumulation in the machining chamber

Changing the way we work

Operators work in the day and the robots work at night. Striving for zero overtime, and the coexistence of humans and robots.

Improving production efficiency through human and robot work sharing

  • ●Easily switch from a single machine to a robot automated cell simply by adding a mobile workpiece stocker.
  • ●For example, the robot can be on standby during the day while the operator handles small batches of part load/unload and other flexible jobs, and then automatic operations done by the robot can be done at night.

When used as a single machine, the robot stays in the standby compartment adjacent to the machining chamber.