Next-Generation Robot System ARMROID
Made possible because of Okuma's leadership as Your Single Source for M-E-I-K (Mechanics - Electronics - IT - Knowledge creation).
Our thoughts on the future of manufacturing . . .


Through interviews with the developers, you will learn Okuma's approach to new manufacturing trends.

  • General Manager

    Through an interview with the developer, learn about the new form of automation provided by ARMROID.

  • Development & Design

    Through an interview with the developer who worked hard from the beginning on this project, his story reveals the ideas and challenges of successfully integrating a machine tool with a robot.

  • FA Systems

    Through an interview with an FA System developer, his story describes how fully integrated robot operation became possible only because of the Okuma technology.

  • Operations

    Through an interview with a machine tool operator, here we introduce the ARMROID features as seen from the shop floor.