Highly rigid construction for productivity
that exceeds expectations
Same double column structure as on the best-selling MB-V series
Maximum performance is achieved by limiting the options with the same high-rigidity structure.
Highly rigid construction for productivity that exceeds expectations
Table size / machining area
  • GENOS M460-VE
    GENOS M460-VE
  • GENOS M560-V
    GENOS M560-V
  • GENOS M660-V
    GENOS M660-V
Improved productivity with powerful machining
Shorter cutting times and highly accurate machining
Hi-Cut Pro (standard)
A speed and acceleration controller to make sharper corners and smoother arcs—ideal for the extra accurate and quicker cycle time jobs.
Hi-Cut Pro Off / Hi-Cut Pro On
High dimensional stability
Thermo-Friendly Concept
In addition to maintaining high dimensional accuracy when room temperature changes, Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept provides high dimensional accuracy during machine startup and machining restart. To stabilize thermal deformation, warming-up time is shortened and the burden of dimensional correction during machining restart is reduced.
Simplified structure for thermal deformation / Design technology for uniform dissemination of heat
The machine expands and contracts in predictable directions, and manageable deformation is achieved with a machine structure that evenly transmits the temperature.
  • Thermally symmetric structure
    Thermally symmetric structure
    Equal left-right construction permits straightforward thermal distortion
  • "Box-build" structure
    "Box-build" structure
    Column structure built up of simple blocks is used to permit straightforward thermal distortion
  • Thermally balanced structure
    Thermally balanced structure
    A cover is set on the front of the column and the control cabinet on the back for even conduction of temperature.

Specifications may vary in different markets.