Stable accuracy

  • Powerful machining of medium to large cubic and odd-shaped workpieces
  • The box-type base and column make a highly dependable, highly rigid structure
  • Workpiece deadweight pressed on vertical chuck helps stabilize machining
Highly rigid construction
  • A strong, square column is positioned on a large, rigid base with good damping properties, and a highly rigid, reliable structure with wide box ways on both the X and Z axes is used.
  • Smooth, stable feeds are achieved during low- to high-speed cutting with a counterbalance not affected by feed rate changes.
Highly rigid construction
  • Large 12-station turret has adequate space for easy and also permanently set tooling arrangements.
  • The large-diameter coupling enables high accuracy indexing and powerful heavy-duty cutting with strong hydraulic clamps.
Turret V100R
Stable machining achieved with workpiece deadweight sitting tight on chuck
  • The workpiece deadweight itself helps provide a firm seat on the chuck reference surface. Without excessive workpiece restraint, distortion and pressure marks can be prevented to achieve highly accurate machining of thin to large and heavy workpieces.
    Manual part load/unload, without holding it, is also easy for irregularly shaped workpieces that require clamps.
Workpiece deadweights sit firmly on chuck reference surface
Simple to load/unload odd-shaped workpiece

Powerful machining

  • Using motors with wide constant-power ranges
  • Headstock with flange construction to minimize effects of thermal deformation and vibration
  • The headstock has a flange construction and is solidly fixed to a box-type base. This minimizes the effects of thermal deformation and vibration.
  • A powerful motor with a wide constant-power range is used for the spindle. Combining this with a big bore spindle enables powerful heavy-duty cutting.
V40R/2SP-V40 V100R
Spindle type A2-8 Flat ø380 (14.96)
ø120 (4.72) ø200 (7.87)
ø77 (3.03) ø110 (4.33)



High productivity

  • Zero WIP (work in progress) with process-intensive machining.
  • Raise productivity with multitasking applications.
Two-spindle lathe (2SP-V40):
High productivity with double the performance on one machine
  • Because of the separate L/R structures, machining vibration does not affect the other spindle.
Two-spindle lathe (2SP-V40)
Two-spindle lathe (2SP-V40)

Machine specifications

Item Unit V40R 2SP-V40 V100R
Capacity Max turning diameter mm (in.) ø400 (15.75) ø1,000 (39.37)
Max swing diameter mm (in.) ø500(19.69) ø1,250 (49.21)
Max turning length mm (in.) 450 (17.72) 890 (35.04)
Max chuck size mm (in.) ø450 (17.72) ø1,010 (39.76)
Max workpiece weight*1 kg (lb) 300 (660)
400 kg/800 min-1 *2
1,200 (2,640)
2,000 kg/200 min-1 *2
Travel X axis mm (in.) 265 (10.43) 565 (22.24)
Z axis mm (in.) 450 (17.72) 890 (35.04)
Spindle Speed min-1 25 to 2,500 13 to 1,250
Speed ranges Infinitely variable 2 auto ranges
(2 range motor coil switching)
Type of nose A2-8 Flat ø380 (ø14.96)
Front bearing dia mm (in.) ø120 (4.72) ø200 (7.87)
Bore dia mm (in.) ø77 (3.03) ø110 (4.33)
Floor to spindle nose mm (in.) 960 (37.80) 1,170 (46.06)
Spindle support 2-point roller bearing
Turret Turret type V12
OD tool shank dimensions mm (in.) □25 (1) □32 (1-1/4)
ID tool shank diameter mm (in.) ø40, ø50 (1.57, 1.97) ø40, ø50, ø63 (1.57, 1.97, 2.48)
Feed Axis Rapid traverse X axis m/min (fpm) 24 (78.74)
Rapid traverse Z axis m/min (fpm) 24 (78.74)
Motor Spindle drive OSP kW (hp) 22/18.5 (30/25) (30 min/cont) 45/37 (60/50) (5 min/10 min)
Spindle drive FANUC kW (hp) 22/18.5 (30/25) (30 min/cont) 45/37 (60/50) (10 min/15 min)
Machine Size Required floor space (width × depth) mm (in.) 1,705 × 2,788 (67 × 110) 2,970 × 2,738 (116 × 108) 2,735 × 3,445 (107 × 135)
Machine height mm (in.) 3,040 (119) OSP: 3,510 (138)
FANUC: 3,565 (140)
Machine weight kg (lb) 7,200 (15,840) 14,000 (30,800) 14,000 (30,800)
CNC Control OSP-P300LA, FANUC 31i-B

*1. With chuck

*2. Maximum workpiece load and spindle speed when spindle speed is restricted