Vertical Turning Lathes V920EX

Stable machining of large ø920 workpieces

The V920EX provides a large work envelope with max cutting diameter of ø920 mm and height of 860 mm while maintaining a small footprint. This is large enough even for odd-shaped components (max swing: ø1,000 mm possible) to accommodate a wide range of applications.

Stable machining achieved even with difficult-to-chuck thin, large-diameter workpieces and unbalanced, odd-shaped components.

Powerful, high-accuracy machining

A rock-solid rectangular column is firmly secured to a rigid base with excellent damping performance. Minimal tool-to-column guideway distance assures the rigidity needed to withstand heavy-duty cutting loads. Moreover, the box ways for the X and Y axes help to achieve heavy-duty cutting of big components at high accuracies.

Highly rigid structure with column fixation and saddle movement

Okuma's Intelligent Technology reduces operator burden

Manageable Deformation—Accurately Controlled Thermo-Friendly Concept

Machining accuracies change significantly due to temperature changes around the machine, heat produced by the machine and heat produced in machining. The Thermo-Friendly Concept adopts the unique approach of “accepting” these temperature changes to provide highly accurate machining in normal factory environments without special equipment or measures to counter temperature changes.

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Cutting condition search Machining Navi L-g (Optional)

Varying the spindle speed in accordance with the best amplitude and period makes it possible to suppress chatter during turning operations. Tool life can be extended and machining time reduced with use of the optimum cutting conditions, producing significant effects in drilling/boring bar, threading, and grooving applications.

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ECO suite All energy-saving technologies that can be used by a machine are available
  • “ECO Idling Stop” for operation of necessary units only
  • “ECO Power Monitor” for visual graphic of power
  • Intermittent/continuous operation of chip conveyor and mist collector during operation —“ECO Operation” (Optional)

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Innovative shop floor productivity in many types of production

Increased tool storage capacity with ATC (Optional)

Interference between material and adjacent tools that occurs when machining with long tools near the center of
large-diameter workpieces is prevented. This dramatically increases freedom in cutting tool layout. Tool setup also
becomes easier. Increased tool storage capacity means that more machining can be done without dividing processes.

High productivity with 2 roles by 1 machine (2SP-V920EX)

The 2-spindle spec 2SP-V920EX combines a standard R (right) machine and reverse structure
L (left) machine and is operated with a single controller.
This gives the maximum productivity with the minimum floor space by shortening lead times
and cutting down on intermediate work in progress.
The separated right-left structure also enables stable machining that is unaffected by the
machining vibration of the other spindle.


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