New Products MULTUS U Series

Flexible machining from all directions

Tough cutting in entire Y-axis range

With the ideal, large work envelope for lots of milling of complex parts. The class best Y-axis travel is fully utilized with a highly rigid traveling column, for powerful cutting along the entire Y axis.

An array of extended specs to match user workpiece applications

Selections designed to match user workpiece applications

19 diverse variations in all
An assortment of variations are available for every possible requirement.
You can choose the right solution that matches your application needs.

Maximum milling or turning performance

Achieving highly efficient cutting of difficult-to-machine materials

End milling

ø20-mm end mill 7-flute

Cut speed

(MULTUS U3000)

OD Turning

Cut speed

(MULTUS U4000 big bore ø160)

Note: The “actual data” referred to above represent examples, and may not be obtained due to differences in specifications, environmental conditions during measurement, tooling, cutting, and other conditions.

Achieves process-intensive machining beyondthe framework of multitasking machines

Sloped axis turning Turn-Cut

Turn-Cut is an original Okuma technology that enables turning on a milling spindle. The circular turning of the feed shaft and the spindle indexing angle are simultaneously controlled so that the tool edge is always facing the center of the milling spindle circular turning. Sloped axis turning can be done by sloping the B axis. Moreover, machining of any diameter can be done with a single tool. Inside and outside diameter machining that is larger than the maximum tool diameter can be done. In setting cutting conditions, the Turn-Cut Guide (Optional) advises the best turning speed when the diameter and roundness of the machining area are designated.

Turning can be done on a sloped axis
Turn-Cut Guide (Optional)

Turning can be done on a sloped axis

Turn-Cut Guide (Optional)

High accuracy gear cutting with a multitasking machine Gear Machining Package (Optional)

Gear cutting that previously required complex programming can now be done with ease. With easy programming, simply input the tool type, gear data, and cutting conditions to achieve highly accurate machining, reducing programming time to about one-tenth that of manual input. Process-intensive machining is achieved, including the gear cutting that used to be done on expensive special-purpose machines.

Skiving (OD/ID splines)
Skiving (OD/ID splines)
Turn-Cut Guide (Optional)
Input screen

More about Gear Machining Package

3D measuring for multitasking machines NC Gage (Optional)

Twenty types of geometrical accuracy, such as hole position and flatness, can be measured on the machine, greatly reducing lead time. A program to measure the positional relationship between geometric tolerance and workpiece shape is automatically produced by teaching. Data storage of the measurement results is possible.

Site-oriented intelligence CNC OSP suite OSP-P300A

Smooth, comfortable operation with the feeling of using a smart phone
Improved rendering performance and use of a multi-touch panel achieve intuitive graphical operation. Moving, enlarging, reducing, and rotating 3D models, as well as list views of tool data, programs, and other information can be accomplished through smooth, speedy operations with the same feel as using a smart phone.
Features you wanted – loaded with new OSP suite apps!
We made these real through the addition of Okuma's machining expertise based on requests we heard from customers in the machine shop. These are filled with intelligence that enhances the "strength in the field" that CNC control can accomplish because it's created by a machine-tool manufacturer.

More about OSP-P300A

Ergonomic control panel (Optional*)
Ergonomic control panel (Optional*)
·19” display ·Adjustable-tilt keyboard
*Standard in certain markets.

CNC Lathes
1-Saddle CNC Lathes

2-Saddle CNC Lathes

Horizontal Twin-/Triple-Spindle CNC Lathes

Vertical CNC Lathes

Aluminum Wheel Applications

Horizontal Multitasking Machines

Vertical Multitasking Machines

Machining Centers
Vertical Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining Centers

Super Multitasking Machines

5-Axis Machining Centers

Turning Center

Double-Column Machining Centers



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