5-Axis Vertical Machining Center MU-4000V

Reliable technology gives highly accurate 5-axis machining

Highly rigid trunnion table supports high-accuracy 5-axis machining

The MU-4000V has a very rigid roller gear cam suited to high-speed drive on the trunnion table B-axis, and a direct drive motor that produces high torque even at low speeds on the C-axis. This makes it possible to achieve both high-speed and high-accuracy machining.

B axis:
50 min-1
C axis:
120 min-1 (Standard)
1,200 min-1 (Optional)
[turning mode]
Indexing accuracy
  • B-axis indexing accuracy/repeatability:
    ±1.78 sec/±0.50 sec
  • C-axis indexing accuracy/repeatability:
    ±2.26 sec/±0.12 sec

Note: The data mentioned in this brochure are “actual data” and do not represent guaranteed accuracies.

Maximized machining accuracies

Gauging and compensation of geometric error 5-Axis Auto Tuning System (Optional)
Automatic tuning for geometric error is quick, easy, and can be done by anyone

Automatic tuning of a total of 11 different kinds of geometric error, including spindle misalignment and tilt. The accuracy of 5-axis machines is measured in less than 10 minutes to draw out maximum performance.

[Examples of geometric error]

With just a touch probe and datum sphere — auto tuning completed.

High accuracy maintained over long times in 5-axis machining

The unique approach of “accepting temperature changes” Thermo-Friendly Concept
5-Axis Auto Tuning System accuracy maintained

Accuracy changes due to changes in ambient temperature or spindle heat are minimized. When the 5-Axis Auto Tuning System is also used, a synergistic effect is achieved with the two Intelligent Technologies and high accuracy is maintained in 5-axis machining even when the environmental temperature changes.

Easy-to-use 5-axis machine from well-considered design

Good access reduces operator burden

Good access of 515 mm to the center of the table is achieved by approaching from the trunnion axial direction. Access to the spindle is also good, reducing operator burden during machining preparation and increasing work efficiency.

Better visibility of machining status

The BC table structure allows confirmation of the workpiece status at an angle of 120° and the front door has a large window. LED lamps are used for bright, reduced-flicker lighting within the machining compartment, improving visibility of machining status.

Large working range for applicable workpieces

The machining area is large enough to handle workpieces with a maximum diameter of ø500 mm and maximum height of 400 mm. Tools can also reach the end of workpieces even with the table inclined at various angles, making 5-axis machining possible over a wide range.
   Tools can be changed even with the trunnion in a swung position, contributing to reduced cycle times and improved machining accuracies.

Large machining area
Swing range
B axis: +90º to −120°
C-axis: 360º (unlimited swivel)
Max workpiece weight:
300 kg
Max workpiece size:
ø500 × 400 mm height
Max workpiece diameter with large X-axis travel
(ø500) peripheral cutting is possible
Even the largest workpieces are machined with capacity to spare

Visibility of the cutting edge at the time of cutting also excellent

High-spec basic performance delivers high-efficiency machining

High cutting capability with high output motors

A motor with maximum torque of 199 N-m is used on the spindle. Machining time can be shortened with high-efficiency machining. The use of a high torque motor on the turning spindle also gives high turning capacity.

Machining Time Shortening Function

This shortens machining time in operations with repeated rapid traverse (G00) and cutting feed (G01) movements, such as for parts with many drilled holes.

(The amount by which machining time is reduced will differ depending on machine setup, machined part shape, and part program.)

The best automation with flexible expandability

Flexible automation options

ATC magazine systems
  • Chain magazine: 48, 64 tools
  • Matrix magazine:
    64, 98, 132, 166, 200, 234,
    268 tools

Auto pallet changer (APC)
  • External setup of workpiece preparations improve machine utilization
  • The good approach from the machine front is not compromised thanks to a structure in which pallet changes with an APC are done on the right side.
  • Turning specs can also be selected


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