New Products MU-6300V

High productivity with 5-axis machining

Superior machine structure

Excellent operability, working table X axis travel type structure
  • Good accessibility to machining point
  • Large machining travel with respect to applicable maximum diameter of workpieces
From heavy-duty cutting to high speed finishing
  • Highly rigid and accurate double column structure
  • Low center of gravity workpiece movement (trunnion table)
Specifications expandability
  • Easily expansion to APC, multiple ATC, and no change of operability since they are mounted at the back of machine.
  • Automation, expansion to FMS can be easily done

Working range

Wide machining area
  • Swing range
    A axis +90 to −120°
    C axis 360°
  • Maximum load size
    ø830 × height 550 mm
  • Max load capacity
  • Contouring machining of largest workpiece diameter (ø830) is possible with big Y axis travel distance

Gauging and compensation of geometric error 5-Axis Auto Tuning System(Optional)

Higher accuracies in 5-axis machining

5-axis machining accuracy is greatly affected by misalignment and other “geometric errors” on the rotary axis. The 5-Axis Auto Tuning System measures geometric error using a touch probe and datum sphere, and performs compensation using measurement results to tune the movement accuracy on 5-axis machines. In this way 5-axis machining accuracy on a higher level is achieved.

Quick and easy tuning by anyone

Previously, manual measurements of the indexing center were bothersome and time-consuming, but with the 5-Axis Auto Tuning System the measurements are made automatically by the machine. Measurements can therefore be done with stable accuracy in a short time by anyone. In addition, the results of tuning are applied regardless of whether the operation in auto, manual, or MDI and whether Tool Center Point Control is on or off. Setup and machining can therefore be done with the same


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Aluminum Wheel Applications

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