One rank up, highly-accurate 5-axis machining changes the game. Even more user-friendly with astonishing machining capacity and excellent operational ease.

The best monozukuri practices balancehigh-accuracy machining and workability

* Craftsmanship-based manufacturing

  • Smaller machine space achieved with use of wheelhead traverse structure

    A wheelhead traverse structure requires a stronger foundation than a table traverse structure. Okuma’s high-rigidity technology meets the conditions needed for a wheelhead traverse structure to achieve a compact body.

  • Superior user-friendly design supports automation

    The upper portion of the front door can accommodate various loader positions. Line flexibility from the space-saving design also contributes to greater automation.

Hydrodynamic bearing provides for heavy-duty and highly accurate grinding—with shorter cycle times

  • Non-round plain bearing wheel spindle with a dynamic pressure structure supports the wheel spindle with wedge-shaped oil film pressure that is generated by wheel spindle rotation. Retention strength is a powerful 1 t, in addition to which wheel rotation accuracy is kept to within 0.01 μm for a good balance of high accuracy grinding even in heavy-duty cutting. Also, because the wheel spindle has no metal contact, its original performance is maintained semi-permanently.

  • Reduced fixturing

  • Dimensions
    Wide range sizing + NC tooling base

    For these wheel traverse grinders, a sizer is mounted on a tooling base—capable of longitudinal NC positioning—in front of the table to gauge diameters at any position.

  • Distance between centers
    NC tailstock

    When workpiece length changes, the position of the tailstock itself must be moved with a standard tailstock, but with these specifications several workpiece length and support pressure settings can be controlled with the NC without moving the tailstock.
    (Maximum workpiece length: 100 mm, support pressure: 100 to 500 N)

新世代知能化CNC OSP suite OSP-P300GA

Satisfaction from complete control of a machine tool
As a “machine & control” builder, Okuma makes further strides in machine tool manufacturing with this superb Control featuring “Easy Operation.” Okuma took a close look at the way machinists actually operate machine tools, to help them create smoother and more effective ways of producing parts. Novice operators as well as professional machinists get complete control—and satisfaction.
Moreover, what you want to see and do conveniently come together in a “single-mode operation.”
First, select one of three operation screens. Then simply touch the screen or press a function key to see and do your job.


More about OSP-P300A

  • I-GAP+ (An Optional Specification)
    Intuitive machining operations are made possible with advances in interactive program creation and efficient creation of part programs.
  • Sheet programming

    With screen input of grinding conditions, the wheel runout, wheel dressing, and grinding programs needed for grinding can be created without regard to GM codes.

  • Quick grinding

    Grinding can be done while checking the cycle being executed and position on the drawings. This is Easy Operation that feels like manual operation, from roughing to finishing, by simply setting the infeed amount.


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