One rank up, highly-accurate 5-axis machining changes the game. Even more user-friendly with astonishing machining capacity and excellent operational ease.

The best monozukuri practices balancehigh-accuracy machining and workability

  • Smaller machine space achieved with use of wheelhead traverse structure

    A wheelhead traverse structure requires a
    stronger foundation than a table traverse
    structure. Okuma’s high-rigidity technology
    meets the conditions needed for a wheelhead
    traverse structure to achieve a compact body.

  • Superior user-friendly design supports automation

    The upper portion of the front door can
    accommodate various loader positions. Line
    flexibility from the space-saving design also
    contributes to greater automation.

  • Technology on every part of the machine contributes to higher machining accuracy

    An oil pan structure to minimize effects on the
    coolant, high following characteristics carefully
    fitted with a V-plane slideway, and other
    individual technologies on each part of the
    machine further improve machining accuracy.

  • Chatter control function supports stable, high-accuracy machining

    “Chatter control function” automatically
    changes wheel speed and controls
    regenerative chatter. Stable machining
    accuracies can be maintained at all times.

Dynamic pressure bearing structure gives efficient machining even in heavy-duty cutting

  • Non-round plain bearing wheel spindle with a dynamic pressure structure supports the wheel spindle with wedge-shaped oil film pressure that is generated by wheel spindle rotation. Retention strength is a powerful 1 t, in addition to which wheel rotation accuracy is kept to within 0.01 μm for a good balance of high accuracy grinding even in heavy-duty cutting. Also, because the wheel spindle has no metal contact, its original performance is maintained semi-permanently.

  • High machining efficiency maintained with wide V plane guideway

    A wide V plane guideway is used that expands the V plane span of the table guideway. Higher workpiece support rigidity enables grinding with full power of 5.5 kW (optional 7.5 kW). The grinding load on the wheelhead during heavy-duty grinding is supported by wide V plane guideway for high machining efficiency.

  • Machining time is shortened with high speed feed at the top level in the class

    Structure with unrivaled high following characteristics gives high feed speeds of ø30 m/min on the X axis and 20 m/min on the Z axis. Shorter non-cutting times contribute to improved machining efficiency.

    • X-axis feedrate: ø30 m/min
    • Z-axis feedrate: 20 m/min

    Reduced burden in adjusting for taper changes with use of tailstock with manual taper compensation function

    Adjustments can be easily made for taper changes that occur with tailstock travel.

Okuma Control OSP-P300G Okumas Sampling Path Control

Easy Operation

As a “machine & control” builder, Okuma makes further strides in machine tool manufacturing
with this superb Control featuring “Easy Operation”.


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