A compact grinder with real power! CNC Cylindrical Grinders GPW/GAW series

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CNC Cylindrical Grinder (Dual-Center Drive)
CNC Cylindrical Grinder (Dual-Center Drive)
Grinding shafts without a chuck (GA26W)
Cylindrical Grinder GP26W for highest productive output at lowest cost/part.

The best monozukuri* practices balance
high-accuracy machining and workability

*Craftsmanship-based manufacturing

  • GPW series Plain typePlain type
    GPW series Plain type

    Smaller machine space achieved with use of wheelhead traverse structure

    A wheelhead traverse structure requires a stronger foundation than a table traverse structure. Okuma’s high-rigidity technology meets the conditions needed for a wheelhead traverse structure to achieve a compact body.

    (GA15W)Machine width: 1,550 mm (61.02 in.), (GA26W)Machine width: 2,510 mm (98.82 in.)(DBC: 650 mm (25.59 in.))
  • GAW series Angle typeAngle type
    GAW series Angle type

    Superior user-friendly design supports automation

    The upper portion of the front door can accommodate various loader positions. Line flexibility from the space-saving design also contributes to greater automation.

    Superior user-friendly design supports automation
Hydrodynamic bearing provides for heavy-duty and highly accurate grinding—with shorter cycle times
Stress analysis with FEM analysis

Non-round plain bearing wheel spindle with a dynamic pressure structure supports the wheel spindle with wedge-shaped oil film pressure that is generated by wheel spindle rotation. Retention strength is a powerful 1 t, in addition to which wheel rotation accuracy is kept to within 0.01 µm for a good balance of high accuracy grinding even in heavy-duty cutting. Also, because the wheel spindle has no metal contact, its original performance is maintained semi-permanently.

  • High machining efficiency maintained
    with wide V—Flat guideway
    A widened V—Flat guideway system is used that expands the span between the V and Flat guideways beneath the saddle. Higher workpiece support rigidity enables grinding with full power of 7.5 kW (optional 15 kW). The grinding load on the wheelhead during heavy-duty grinding is supported by wide V—Flat guideway for high machining efficiency.
    High machining efficiency maintained with wide V—Flat guideway
  • Machining time is shortened with high
    speed feed at the top level in the class
    Structure with unrivaled high following characteristics gives high feed speeds of ø30 m/min on the X axis and 20 m/min on the Z axis. Shorter non-cutting times contribute to improved machining efficiency.
    • X-axis feedrate: ø30 m/min
    • Z-axis feedrate: 20 m/min

Highlighted Specs

Item Unit GP14/15W
Swing over table ømm (øin) 330 (12.99) 330 (12.99)
Distance between centers mm (in) 250 (9.84) 400, 650 (15.75, 25.59)
Wheel size
(OD × width)
mm (in) ø405 × 75 / ø510 × 75
(ø15.94 × 2.95 / ø20.08 × 2.95)
ø510 × 75 / ø610 × 75
(ø20.08 × 2.95 / ø24.02 × 2.95)
Wheel peripheral speed m/sec 45 45
Wheel motor kW (hp) 5.5 (7.5) 7.5 (10)
Machine size
(W × D × H)
mm (in) 1,550 × 2,734 × 2,150
(61.02 × 107.64 × 84.65)
2,030, 2,510 × 2,932 × 2,218
(79.92, 98.82 × 115.43 × 87.32)
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