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Highly accurate, rigid, hi-tech, process-intensive, and eco-friendly All that's required packed into the ultimate multitasking machine Intelligent Multitasking Machines MULTUS U series

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MULTUS U3000 with all new design and equipped with the new generation CNC "OSP-P500".
See the MULTUS U3000 machining guide vanes for hydroelectric power generators.
MULTUS U3000/4000
MULTUS U3000/4000
Highly accurate, rigid, hi-tech, and process-intensive.
All that's required and packed in the ultimate multitasking machine.
Powerful cutting of mid-to-large size components.
Compact H1 turret
Compact H1 turret
Multus U Series with more power, better work range and the same stability as before!
One Pin Crank Shaft
One Pin Crank Shaft
Completely integrated operations. (MULTUS U3000)
Turbine Disk
Turbine Disk
B-axis turning to perform single-tool machining for eliminating junction steps on curved surfaces. (MULTUS U3000)
3D Machine View
3D Machine View
A 3D representation of the MULTUS U3000.
Flexible machining from all directions
  • Tough cutting in entire Y-axis range
    With the ideal, large work envelope for lots of milling of complex parts. The class best Y-axis travel is fully utilized with a highly rigid traveling column, for powerful cutting along the entire Y axis.
    Tough cutting in entire Y-axis range
    DBC 1500 illustration
    ( ) figures for the MULTUS U4000/U5000
  • Wide B-axis swing: 240°
    The wide 240-degree swing of the B axis spindle allows it to have equivalent machining areas for both the main and opposing spindle. With the NC-B axis, roller gears are used to achieve “0” backlash during B-axis drive, and highly accurate 5-axis machining.
    Wide B-axis swing: 240°
Superb C-axis positioning accuracy: 0.0001°control
As an option*, a highly accurate C-axis function is used for both the main and opposing spindles. This will support end-users requiring very accurate machining of component shapes that are quite complex.
Moreover, heavy-duty milling, with a solid retention mechanism, makes possible applications that require both high accuracy and high efficiency.

* Standard in certain markets.

Maximum milling or turning performance
Achieving highly efficient cutting of difficult-to-machine materials
  • End milling
    ø20-mm end mill 7-flute
    Cutting Speed:
    Cutting depth:
    Feed rate:

    (MULTUS U3000)

  • OD Turning
    Cutting Speed:
    Cutting depth:
    Feed rate:

    (MULTUS U4000 / MULTUS U5000 ø160 spindle)

Maximum milling or turning performance

Note: The “actual data” referred to above represent examples, and may not be obtained due to differences in specifications, environmental conditions during measurement, tooling, cutting, and other conditions.

An array of extended specs to match user workpiece applications
Selections designed to match user workpiece applications

29 diverse variations in all

An assortment of variations are available for every possible requirement. You can choose the right solution that matches your application needs.

29 diverse variations in all
Achieves process-intensive machining beyond
the framework of multitasking machines
Sloped axis turning
Turn-Cut is an original Okuma technology that enables turning on a milling spindle. The circular turning of the feed shaft and the spindle indexing angle are simultaneously controlled so that the tool edge is always facing the center of the milling spindle circular turning.
Sloped axis turning can be done by sloping the B axis. Moreover, machining of any diameter can be done with a single tool. Inside and outside diameter machining that is larger than the maximum tool diameter can be done. In setting cutting conditions, the Turn-Cut Guide (Optional) advises the best turning speed when the diameter and roundness of the machining area are designated.
  • Sloped axis turning Turn-Cut
  • Sloped axis turning Turn-Cut

Turning can be done on a sloped axis

High accuracy gear cutting with a multitasking machine
Gear Machining Package (Optional)
Gear cutting that previously required complex programming can now be done with ease. With easy programming, simply input the tool type, gear data, and cutting conditions to achieve highly accurate machining, reducing programming time to about one-tenth that of manual input. Process-intensive machining is achieved, including the gear cutting that used to be done on expensive special-purpose machines.
  • Skiving (OD/ID splines)
    Skiving (OD/ID splines)
  • Hobbing
  • Input screen
    Input screen

Highlighted Specs

Item Unit MULTUS U3000 MULTUS U4000 MULTUS U5000
Standard chuck size in 8 10 15
Max machinig dia ømm (øin) 650 (25.59) 650 (25.59) 650 (25.59)
Max work length mm (in) 1,000, 1,500 (39.37, 59.06) 1,500, 2,000 (59.06, 78.74) 1,500, 2,000, 3,000
(59.06, 78.74, 118.11)
Spindle speed min-1 5,000 4,200 3,000
Tool storage tools 40 40 40
Motor kW (hp) 22/15 (30 min/cont) (30/20) 22/15 (30 min/cont) (30/20) 37/30 (30 min/cont) (50/40)
Machine size
(W × D × H)
mm (in) 4,925 × 2,995 × 2,955
(193.90 × 117.91 × 116.34)
5,425 × 2,995 × 2,955
(213.58 × 117.91 × 116.34)
5,425 × 2,995 × 2,955
(213.58 × 117.91 × 116.34)
6,175 × 2,995 × 2,955
(243.11 × 117.91 × 116.34)
5,530 × 2,995 × 2,955
(217.72 × 117.91 × 116.34)
6,280 × 2,995 × 2,955
(247.24 × 117.91 × 116.34)
8,420 × 3,228 × 3,090
(331.50 × 127.09 × 121.65)
Spec extension W, 2S, 2SW W, 2S, 2SW W, 2S, 2SW

W: Opposing spinde, 2S: 2 saddle

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