Next-Generation Super Multitasking Machines. LASER EX series

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LASER EX series
LASER EX series
Brings together cutting, grinding, metal additive manufacturing, and laser quenching.
Combining highly efficient layering by laser and 5-axis cutting.
Going beyond cutting machines—doing the all of metalworking
Brings together cutting, grinding, metal additive manufacturing, and laser quenching
Laser metal deposition (LMD) with a variable laser achieves precision control, from high efficiency additive manufacturing to high definition additive manufacturing.
  • MU-6300V LASER EX
The LASER EX Series – revolutionizing production
The laser technology infused in these super multitasking machines (LASER EX Series) combine subtractive and additive manufacturing, hardening, and coating of workpiece blanks to the final product—done on one machine—the ultimate process-intensive machine.
The LASER EX Series – revolutionizing production
A world’s first
Process-intensive heat treatment
Process-intensive turn hardening and grinding
・Cutting and grinding interrupted by heat treatment can be completed on a single machine with no setup change.
・Uniform-width turn hardening using a high-output, stable laser. Case hardening on cylindrical surfaces with no uneven hardening and little warping is possible.
Machining examples
  • Sample① Blade shaping
    Processing heat-resistant alloys (InconelTM) by high-efficiency printing and high-quality simultaneous 5-axis machining
    ・Combines precision additive and cutting operations
    ・Makes possible deposition of metals of different types
  • Sample② Mesh fabrication by precision additive manufacturing
    ・Makes possible uniform-width forming using a stable laser
    ・Achieves high-resolution, thin additive manufacturing of 1 mm or less
  • Sample③ Resin mold repairs
    ・All operations from crack removal to finishing on a single machine
    ・Even accommodates hard-to-cut and high-hardness materials
  • Sample④ Coating
    ・Process-intensive machining with uniform coating and finishing
    ・No need for sandblasting or other preprocessing
    ・Switchable among multiple coating materials
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