High quality, high performance GENOS L2000 L3000

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High quality and low cost, contributing to improved productivity.
Meeting capacity and accuracy requirements with high productivity
Achieve a powerful, high-quality machining
The integral motor/spindle provides fast and high output with high machining capacity—at high quality.
And Okuma’s legendary slide guideways are highly rigid to handle powerful cutting loads that result in high productivity.
Two types of turrets are available, the V8 and V12 turrets. Select the one best suited to the machining you do.
Achieve a powerful, high-quality machining

High accuracy milling

  • Milling tools can be attached to all locations on turrets with milling specifications. With a spindle indexing command of 0.001°, high accuracy milling can be done at any angle. Two types of multitasking turrets, VDI and radial, are available on the GENOS L3000.

  • V12 radial multitasking turret (Optional)
    V12 radial multitasking turret (Optional)

Simplified shaft work fixturing

  • Servomotor control NC tailstock is used for the tailstock.
    Travel and thrust can be set with program commands, greatly increasing ease of use. Setup change can also be easily done.

    Tailstock specifications

    GENOS L2000 GENOS L3000
    Tailstock thrust 1.0-2.0kN 1.0-5.0kN
    Rapid traverse 12m/min
    Approach 10m/min
    Retract 12m/min
  • Simplified shaft work fixturing

Excellent user-friendliness allows operators to concentrate on the work

  • Machine designed for good accessibility
    Spindle access is good with 372 mm from the machine front face to the spindle center, reducing the work burden of operators.
  • Outstanding chip discharge
    The chip discharge outlet is 2 times larger than on previous machines, minimizing chip accumulation. The cleaning frequency is reduced for maximum operation time.
    Outstanding chip discharge

Specifications may vary in different markets.

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