Offering high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) and mass production from an incredible machine
The MU-S600V is a 5-axis VMC that simultaneously achieves ease of use, great productivity as a stand-alone, and more innovation with two or more connected configurations. It is a totally new concept of smart machine, offering complete control of applications from high-mix, low-volume production (HMLV) to mass production with just this "one-of-a-kind" machine.
A single machine
A single machine A super compact and easy-to-use smart machine
A super compact and easy-to-use smart machine
Connecting 2 machines
Connecting 2 machines The tables collaborate in an innovative Work Handoff System, for smart production line system applications
The tables collaborate in an innovative Work Handoff System,
for smart production line system applications
A wide range multiside application with one, smart, compact machine
Compact but with wide machining area

Built with a long X-axis travel of 700 mm in a machine width of just 1,586 mm.
In addition, it is possible to load workpieces up to 600 mm in diameter on the 400 mm square table.
As a 5-axis vertical, Okuma has achieved best-in-class floor space productivity.

Compact but with wide machining area X:700mm Y:500㎜ Z:500mm
Loadable workpiece size
Maximum workpiece dimensions: ø600 × 350 mm* Maximum table load: 200 kg
* When transferring workpieces between machines, the maximum workpiece dimensions will differ.
Space-saving machine
Depth: 3,315 mm, Machine width: 1,586 mm
Ideal for multi-sided indexing of castings and aluminum workpieces
Multi-sided machining is possible with one chucking, making it possible to reduce setup time.
Also, work mounting errors between operations are eliminated, and high machining accuracy can be maintained.
  • Gearbox case
    Gearbox case
  • Manifold
  • Cam box
    Cam box
“Smart production line system” connecting two machines
Building a compact & automated mass production line
Compact 5-axis machining with a single machine—connected to another—a smart way to achieve mass production.
The MU-S600V features a built-in Work Handoff System, so the tables of machines connected to each other can transfer parts, eliminating the need for transfer equipment between machines.
Tables themselves directly transfer parts
〈Smart production line systems〉
Conventional production line layouts can now be redesigned, to dramatically reduce the floor space of the automated systems.
  • Conventional production line
    Conventional production line: 22.4 m2(Two 5-axis VMCs + traveling robot)
  • Smart production line 53% less than before
    Smart production line: 10.5 m2(Two MU-S600Vs)

Machine Specifications

Item Unit MU-S600V
Travels X-axis (table L/R) mm (in.) 700 (27.56)
Y-axis (spindle ram front/back) mm (in.) 500 (19.69) (+280 (11.02) ATC operation)
Z-axis (spindle ram vertical) mm (in.) 500 (19.69)
B-axis (trunnion swivel) deg +92 to 0 [+92 to -92 (connected machine specs)]
C-axis (table swivel) deg ±360 (infinite)
Table surface to spindle nose mm (in.) 10 to 510 (0.39 to 20.08)
Table Table size mm (in.) 400 × 400 (15.75 × 15.75)
Max work size mm (in.) ø600 × H350 [ø500 × H350 (auto open/close side shield)]
Floor to table top mm (in.) 1,110 (43.70)
Max load capacity kg (lb) 200 (440)
Spindle Spindle speed min-1 50 to 12,000
No. of spindle ranges Infinitely variable
Taper bore 7/24 taper No. 40
Bearing dia mm (in.) ø60 (2.36)
Feedrate Rapid traverse m/min X-Y-Z: 60
Rapid traverse deg/min B: 18,000 (50 min-1), C: 36,000 (100 min-1)
Cutting feedrate mm/min X-Y-Z: 1 to 60,000
Motor Spindle (25% ED/cont) kW (hp) 15/11 (20/15)
Feed axes kW (hp) X-Y-Z: 3.5 (4.7), B: 3.6 (4.8), C: 3.0 (4)
ATC Tool shank MAS BT40
Pull stud MAS 2
Tool capacity (magazine) tool 16 (drum) [30 (chain)]
Max tool dia (W/ adjacent) mm (in.) ø80 (ø3.15)
Max tool dia (W/O adjacent) mm (in.) ø115 (ø4.53)
Max tool length mm (in.) 300 (11.81)
Max tool weight kg (lb) 6 (13)
Tool selection Fixed address
Machine size Height mm (in.) 2,994 (117.87) *1
Floor space W × D (machine only) mm (in.) 1,586 × 3,315 (62.44 × 130.51)
Weight kg (lb) 8,800 (19,360) *2

[ ]: Optional

*1. With lift-up chip conveyor, machine height becomes 3,114 mm.

*2. Machine mass increases with optional equipment. Ex: coil conveyor (rear discharge); 140 kg, auto open/close side shield (both sides); 80 kg