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A trunnion table for high accuracy, ease of use, and compactness
A trunnion table for high accuracy, ease of use, and compactness

The MU-4000V has a very rigid roller gear cam suited to high-speed drive on the trunnion table B-axis, and a direct drive motor that produces high torque even at low speeds on the C-axis. This makes it possible to achieve both high-speed and high-accuracy machining.

  • B axis: 50min-1
  • C axis:
    1,200min-1(Optional)[turning mode]
Indexing accuracy*
  • B-axis indexing accuracy/repeatability: ±1.78 sec/±0.50 sec
  • C-axis indexing accuracy/repeatability: ±2.26 sec/±0.12 sec

Note: The data shown are actual data but do not represent guaranteed accuracies.

Easy-to-use 5-axis machine from well-considered design
Large working range for applicable workpieces
The machining area is large enough to handle workpieces with a maximum diameter of ø500 mm and maximum height of 400 mm. Tools can also reach the end of workpieces even with the table inclined at various angles, making 5-axis machining possible over a wide range.
Tools can be changed even with the trunnion in a swung position, contributing to reduced cycle times and improved machining accuracies.

Large machining area

  • Swing range B axis: +90º to −120°, C-axis: 360º (infinite rotation)
  • Max workpiece weight: 300 kg
  • Max workpiece size: ø500 × 400 mm height

Max workpiece diameter with large X-axis travel (ø500) peripheral cutting is possible

  • Even the largest workpieces are machined with capacity to spare
    Even the largest workpieces are machined with capacity to spare
  • Visibility of the cutting edge at the time of cutting also excellent
    Visibility of the cutting edge at the time of cutting also excellent
  • Good access reduces operator burden
    Good access of 515 mm to the center of the table is achieved by approaching from the trunnion axial direction.
    Access to the spindle is also good, reducing operator burden during machining preparation and increasing work efficiency.
    Good access reduces operator burden
  • Better visibility of machining status
    The BC table structure allows confirmation of the workpiece status at an angle of 120° and the front door has a large window. LED lamps are used for bright, reduced-flicker lighting within the machining compartment, improving visibility of machining status.
    Better visibility of machining status
High-spec basic performance delivers high-efficiency machining
High cutting capability with high output motors
A motor with maximum torque of 199 N-m is used on the spindle. Machining time can be shortened with high-efficiency machining. The use of a high torque motor on the turning spindle also gives high turning capacity.
  • Standard spindle
    • Speed: 15,000min-1(With turning specs: 12,000min-1)
    • Max output: 22/18.5kW (10 min/cont)
    • Max torque: 199/146N・m (5 min/cont)
    Standard spindle
  • Turning spindle (Optional)
    • Table (turning spindle) spindle speed: 1,200min-1
    • Max output: 15/10kW (15 min/cont)
    • Max torque: 477/318N・m (15 min/cont)
    Turning spindle (Optional)

Machine specifications

Item Unit MU-4000V MU-4000V-L Turning Specs
Travels X axis (spindle ram) mm (in.) 740 (29.13) (+20 (0.79) ATC movements)
Y axis (spindle ram) mm (in.) 460 (18.11)
Z axis (spindle ram) mm (in.) 460 (18.11)
B axis (trunnion rotation) deg +90 to -120
C axis (table rotation) deg 360 (infinite)
Table surface to spindle nose mm (in.) 120 to 580 (4.72 to 22.83)
Table Table size mm (in.) ø400 (15.75)
Max work size mm (in.) ø500 × H400 (ø19.69 × H15.75)
Floor to table top mm (in.) 900 (35.43)
Max load capacity kg (lb) 300 (660)
Turning spindle speed min-1 - C axis: 1,200
Spindle Spindle speed min-1 15,000[20,000, 25,000] 12,000
No. of spindle ranges   Infinitely variable
Tapered bore   7/24 taper No.40 [HSK-A63] HSK-A63
Bearing dia mm (in.) ø70 (2.76)
Feed Rapid traverse m/min (ipm) X-Y-Z: 50 (1,969)
Rapid traverse deg/min B: 18,000 (50min-1) C: 43,200 (120min-1)
Cutting feedrate mm/min X-Y-Z: 1 to 50,000
Motors Spindle (10 min/cont) kW (hp) 22/18.5 [30/22, 15/11]
(30/25 [40/30, 20/15])
22/18.5 (30/25)
Feed axes kW (hp) X-Y-Z: 3.5, B: 4.6, C: 6.7 (X-Y-Z: 5, B: 6, C: 9)
ATC Tool shank   MAS BT40 [HSK-A63] HSK-A63
Pull stud   MAS 2 [-] -
Tool capacity (magazine)   32-tool (chain)
[48-tool, 64-tool: chain, Over 64-tool: matrix]
Max tool dia (w/adjacent / w/o adjacent) mm (in.) ø90/ø125 (ø3.54/ø4.92)
Max tool length mm (in.) 300 (11.81)
Max tool weight kg (lb) 8 (18)
Maximum tool mass moment N-m 7.8
Tool selection   Memory random (matrix magazine is fixed address system)
Machine size Height mm (in.) 2,950 (116.14)
Floor space W x D mm (in.) 2,399 × 3,248 (94.49 × 127.87)
Weight kg (lb) 9,700 (21,340)

[ ]: Optional