Cycle time minimized with high-speed loading and powerful milling
Machine structure for high-speed loading and powerful machining
Workpiece load/unload time has been reduced to 4 seconds, and machining-to-part transport line takt time has been minimized. Moving component (headstock, turret) centers of gravity have also been positioned over sturdy slide guides.
Powerful, accurate machining has been achieved with the best machine structure possible for mass production.
Headstock and turret centers of gravity positioned over sturdy slide guides
  • Productivity improved with significantly stronger spindle
    The spindles are faster and more accurate with integral motor/spindle drives. The milling tool spindles also have higher output of 7.1 kW, increasing torque to 1.25 times that of the previous machine and doubling end millling capacity to 65 cm3/min. Process-intensive mill/turn operations have become possible.
    Productivity improved with significantly stronger spindle
  • The shortest line takt times with a high-speed loader
    During workpiece load/unload, the headstock moves to that position. The loader can enter the machine regardless of turret position.
    In addition, with servo-driven hand rotation and faster speeds of all movements, workpiece load/unload time of 4 seconds* has been achieved.
    * Does not include upper door open/close time.
    The load/unload time of 4 seconds is actual data; different operating conditions may require more time.
    Transportable weight 4kg × 2pcs 8kg × 2pcs
    Workpiece dimensions ø200 × L125 ø250 × L80
    Wide range of spec variations to handle all types of workpiece

Long-run, stable machining with high accuracy

  • Split bed for high-quality machining
    A split construction is used for the bed. Transmission of vibration during cutting is inhibited by separating the right and left sides.
    This is also effective when high surface roughness is required.
  • Split bed for high-quality machining

Ideal for mass production of parts up to ø250 mm

  • The 2SP-2500H can take on loader-delivered workpieces up to ø250 mm in size, and achieves minimum takt times for mass-produced parts.
    With M specifications, the milling tool spindle capacity is strengthened, enabling a greater diversity of process-intensive machining.

    • Final gear
      Final gear
    • Cylinder

Machine Specifications

Machine Specifications
Model Unit 2SP-2500H (L) 2SP-2500H (M)
Capacity Standard chuck size 8 [10]
Travels X- / Z-axis mm (in.) 210 (8.27) / 200 (7.87)
C-axis control angle deg - 360 (minimum control angle 0.001)
Spindles Spindle speed min-1 45 to 5,000
Spindle speed ranges 2 auto ranges (2-speed motor coil switching)
Spindle nose type JIS A2-6
Spindle bore dia/Spindle bearing dia mm (in.) ø62 (2.44) / ø100 (3.94)
Turrets Turret type V12 + V12 Multitasking V12 + Multitasking V12
No. of turret tools tools 12 + 12 For both L, M 12 + 12
OD tool shank size mm (in.) □25 (0.98)
ID tool shank diameter mm (in.) ø40 (1.57)
Milling tool Milling tool spindle speed min-1 - 45 to 6,000
Milling tool speed range - Infinitely variable
Feed rates Rapid feed rate X, Z-axis m/min (fpm) X: 25 (82), Z: 25 (82)
Rapid feed rate C-axis min-1 - 200
Cutting feed rate X, Z-axis mm/rev 0.001 to 1,000.000
Motors Motor spindle kW (hp) 15 (20) / 11 (15) (20 min/cont)
Milling tool spindle motor kW (hp) - OSP: 7.1 (9) /4.1 (5) (25 min/cont)
FANUC: 5.5 (7.5) (cont)
Axis drive motors (X / Z) kW (hp) OSP: 3.0 (4) / 2.8 (4) FANUC: 2.7 (3.6) / 4.5 (6)
Coolant motor (50/60 Hz) kW (hp) 0.55 ( 0.7) / 0.75 (1)
Machine size Machine height mm (in.) 3,259 (128.31) (maximum loader height)
Required floor space:
length × width (including tank)
mm×mm (in.×in.) 2,200 × 2,734 (86.61 × 107.64) (w/o loader)
Machine weight kg (lb) 8,000 (17,600) (w/loader)
CNC OSP-P300LA/FANUC 0i-TF [Twin loader specs: FANUC 31i-B]

[ ]: Optional

Loader Specifications
Model Unit 2SP-2500H (L) 2SP-2500H (M)
Loader Transportable parts size (dia × length) mm (in.) 4 kg specs: ø200 × 125 (7.87 × 4.92) [8 kg specs: ø250 × 80 (9.84 × 3.15)]
Transportable parts weight × number kg (ib) × pts 4 (8.8) × 2 [8 (17.6) × 2]
X-axis travel (traveling axis) mm (in.) 2,838 (111.73) (with work tables on right and left)
Y-axis travel (vertical axis) mm (in.) 750 (29.53)
Z-axis travel (front/back axis) mm (in.) 290 (11.42)
Rapid feed rate X, Y, Z-axis m/min (fpm) X: 180 (591), Y: 110 (361), Z: 48 (157)
Hand type   Swivel-type double hand, 3-jaw air chuck
Gripper open/close travel mm (in.) ø32 (1.26) (effective travel: ø24 (0.94))
Work table Loaded workpiece diameter mm (in.) ø40 (1.57) to ø250 (9.84)
Loaded workpiece mass kg (lb) 50 (110) /1 station
Stacking height mm (in.) 450 (17.72)
No. of stations 16

[ ]: Optional