04 Jun 2020

Okuma Employee Receives “Yellow Ribbon Medal”
[Reiwa 2nd Year Spring (2020)]

In the spring of this second year of the Reiwa Era, Masami Senda, who belongs to our Service Unit Assembly Section, was awarded the Medal of Honor with Golden Ribbon.

The Medal with Yellow Ribbon is awarded to individuals who show diligence and industry in their professional activities, and whose skills and achievements are recognized as exemplary.

Mr Senda has been engaged in spindle unit assembly, the most important component in the production of a machine tool, for many years. With abundant knowledge, a high level of technical experience and skill, he has contributed to improving Okuma quality and productivity.
Currently, he is focused on ensuring the quality and long service life of spindle units through his off-site repair work, and also on developing skills for the next generation. Mr Senda was also selected by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2018 as an "Outstanding Technician (Contemporary Master Craftsman)."

As a “comprehensive monozukuri service” company, we will promote the training of highly skilled workers like Mr Senda, inside and outside the company, to contribute to the development of "monozukuri"/manufacturing throughout the world.

  • Medal with Yellow Ribbon Masami Senda Service Unit Assembly Section