16 Jan 2020

Okuma employee awarded the "Yellow Ribbon Medal"
in the fall of the beginning of the new Reiwa ("Beautiful Harmony") era.

In the fall of the first year of Reiwa (2019), Chief Engineer Isao Oyabu of our Production Engineering Department was awarded the Medal of Honor with Yellow Ribbon.

The Medal with Yellow Ribbon is awarded to individuals who show diligence and industry in their professional activities, and whose skills and achievements are recognized as exemplary.

Mr Oyabu has refined his machining skills with computer numerical controlled lathes, and has been engaged in delivery, installation and commissioning of Okuma products for many years with more than 150 machine deliveries to date. In lathe applications, the most difficult operations involve long and slender shafts and cutting thin walls requiring superior machining technology, along with the proving out of workpiece test cut requirements prior to and after product delivery. He has also provided operator training and effective solutions to difficult applications for many customers.

Mr Oyabu is currently at a new machine shop where he continues to analyze system shut-down factors and propose application methods that significantly contribute to improving production efficiency. He also strives to develop skills for the next generation of machinists based on his grasp of effective know-how gained over the years.

Mr Oyabu was also selected by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2012 as an "Outstanding Technician (Contemporary Master Craftsman)."