25 Oct 2019

Okuma's ARMROID Next-Generation Robot System Developers
Have won a 2019 (39th) Japan Society for Precision Engineering Technology Award

With Okuma's next-generation robot system, the ARMROID, our employees who developed "a complete fusion of a machine tool with a built-in articulated robot" received a 2019 (39th) Japan Society for Precision Engineering Technology Award.

The JSPE Technology Award is given to researchers and engineers who have made creative achievements in the field of precision engineering, rewarding their dedication and efforts, and the expectations for future development.

Award title
Development of a fully integrated machine tool with built-in robot
  • Shoichi Morimura
  • Hiroyuki Sugiura
  • Kenji Iguchi
  • Tatsuhiro Yoshimura
  • Tomohiro Shibata

ARMROID is a completely new robot system that has an articulated robot built inside a machine tool that moves without interference in the work area of the machine. Robot operation in the work area during machining, which was impossible with conventional robots, became possible, and high-level support operations are also provided.
This is a next-generation robot system that solves the challenges faced on the production floor, such as labor shortages and work style reform activities.

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