09 Nov 2018

Introducing OSP-AI Machining Diagnostics
With New AI Diagnostics Technology for Drilling — A Global First

Okuma Corporation developed OSP-AI Machining Diagnostics, a new technology that also enables machine tools to autonomously diagnose drilling conditions by using deep learning AI.
OSP-AI Machining Diagnostics detects drilling abnormalities and provides visualization (graphics) of tool wear from a real time AI system built in the OSP (Okuma Control). The “drilling diagnostics” technology prevents drill and/or workpiece damage, makes drill changes when appropriate, and thus provides for the benefit of drastically reduced tooling costs.

① Detection of sudden drilling abnormalities

Drilling abnormalities can be detected early to stop the operation before a tool breaks and retract it to minimize tool or workpiece damage.

  • Anomaly detection OFF
  • Damaged cutting edge, Chip clogging
    Damaged cutting edge,
    Chip clogging
  • Damaged hole
    Damaged hole
  • Anomaly detection ON
  • Cutting edge without damage
    Cutting edge without damage
  • Hole without damage
    Hole without damage

② Visualization of wear conditions (world’s first)

Drill tool wear conditions can be accurately plotted in graphs. Drill replacements can be optimized to provide drastically reduced tooling cost benefits.

  • Individual Differences between Three Drills Performing the Same Operation

③ Handles various drilling operations

The machining know-how cultivated by Okuma over the years and the cutting data acquired is incorporated into the OSP-AI, to eliminate setting each particular cutting condition by simply using the AI drilling diagnostics function.

OSP-AI Machining Diagnostics examines drilling conditions in real time, avoids workpiece damage and tool failures, and delivers lower tooling costs.

Okuma is moving ahead with intelligent machine tools, and is breaking new ground for the future of craftsmanship manufacturing.