27 Jun 2017

Okuma Laser Applications Innovate Die/Mold and Auto Parts Productivity

In addition to the LASER EX super multitasking machines, Okuma is extending it laser applications technology in developing applications for double column machining centers and 2-saddle CNC lathes that consolidate hardening processes for automotive press dies and mass production parts applications, which have a strong market demand.

For large press die parts, Okuma developed a double-column machining center that achieves cutting and hardening in a single machine. A new attachment type laser heat treatment head was developed and mounted on the MCR-BIII. Uniform hardening is possible with NC control, significantly reducing lead time without die/mold changing.

For mass production parts machining, Okuma developed a laser heat-treatment turret and mounted it on the LU3000 EX 2-saddle CNC lathe. This makes it possible to incorporate heat treatment processes in mass production lines. Case hardening can be done in just 2 minutes, and hard-turn finishing after hardening is consolidated on a single machine, greatly reducing both lead time and line length.

The MU-8000V LASER EX, based on a 5-axis vertical machining center, and MULTUS U4000 LASER EX, based on a multitasking machine, have been developed as new additions to the LASER EX Series.