27 Jun 2017

New GENOS L Series of Premium Eco, Compact 1-Saddle CNC Lathes

Okuma Corporation will develop and sell globally strategic models of 1-saddle CNC lathes in the new GENOS L Series.

The new GENOS L Series includes the GENOS L250II / L400II featuring improved cost-performance and space-saving design, and the GENOS L2000 / L3000 aimed at simple, yet high functionality and performance.

GENOS L250II/L450II Series machines are specialized for cutting and feature the smallest machine width in their class (GENOS L250 II DBC 290 specs: machine width 1,482 mm). They are low cost machines that help to minimize production line layout space.

The GENOS L2000 / L3000 Series has multitasking functions, greater accuracy, and a turning function (GENOS L3000 spindle output 22 kW). These “simple” machines were designed for high functionality and high performance to shorten production lead times.

The structural design of this series of machines helps to ensure stable, long-run operations while separated coolant tanks improve maintainability for through pursuit of total productivity. Furthermore, the IoT-compatible “OSP suite” next-generation intelligent CNC is standard equipment, supporting smart manufacturing.

The new GENOS L Series meets a wide range of global demands, from high-mix, low-volume production (HMLV) to mass production applications.

  • GENOS L250Ⅱ
    GENOS L250Ⅱ
  • GENOS L400Ⅱ
    GENOS L400Ⅱ
  • GENOS L2000
    GENOS L2000
  • GENOS L3000
    GENOS L3000