15 Jun 2017

Okuma's "Maintenance suite" Supports Machine Tool Maintenance

Okuma Corporation has developed and begun shipping the "Maintenance suite" that supports reliable maintenance activities for higher total productivity and stable operations. The Maintenance suite aims for non-top machine operation based on our experience gained over many years on the shop floor and efforts to improve machine availability rates.*
Okuma controls now come equipped with machine stoppage preventive maintenance with the development the "OSP-AI Fault Diagnostics" function, conducting self-diagnosis of feed-axis conditions to detect abnormalities. The Maintenance Monitor provides visual control of maintenance items, supporting reliable preventive maintenance by displaying maintenance timing, content, and history.
It also provides e-mail notifications of machining completed conditions or alarm stops and lets you check machine status by smart-phone or computer for quick responses.

*Machine availability rate: Criteria for indicating how much was actually produced compared to production plan volumes.

  • OSP-AI
  • Maintenance monitor
  • E-mail notification