Corporate News
Construction of New Headquarters Factory (DS2)
20 May 2016

To improve our ability to respond to customer needs, we are building a new factory called DS2 (Dream Site 2) to shorten lead times and pursue high added value and high-efficiency production.

The first step is the start of construction for the new factory's west half (Materials Receiving Center, Machine Shop). The completed DS2 will achieve high utilization with an advanced production system using automated, laborsaving operation and IoT for start-to-finish production of small lathes and grinders.

New factory (DS2 west half) plans:
Location:World Headquarters Plant (Oguchi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan)
Floor space:13,000㎡
Operations:From April 2017

new plant (DS2 west side area)

Okuma's new factory
(Rendering of the entire DS2; the foreground being the west half described above in this news release.)

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