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UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-4000V-L 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with Turning Function Honored in 58th (2015) Best 10 New Product Awards
13 Jan 2016

Okuma’s “UNIVERSAL CENTER MU-4000V-L” 5-axis vertical machining center with turning function received one of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun’s (Business & Technology Daily News) 2015 Best 10 New Product Awards. Best 10 New Product Awards are given to selected products for their contributions to the development of manufacturing and the strengthening of Japan’s international competitiveness. Winners are chosen from among all products developed and in practical use in a given year. This is Okuma’s twelfth product to receive a Best 10 New Product Award.

The MU-4000V-L completely integrates turning, grinding, and gear cutting in high-speed, high-accuracy 5-axis machining. It is a 5-axis machining center that leads the IoT age. High-dimensional process-intensive machining with a high-speed, high output spindle, turning capacity equivalent to that of a medium-sized lathe, grinding, gear skiving and more results in shorter lead times in the machining of complex shapes.

The MU-4000V-L is equipped with the OSP suite monozukuri controller that leads the IoT age. In addition to coordination with production control systems and CAM simulators, it records information including the load, vibration, and pressure on each axis with a "monitoring function" that visualizes and logs utilization status, as well as flow sensor signals and worker operation information. This makes it possible to track and analyze production processes.

The MU-4000V-L is a next-generation 5-axis machine developed by Okuma, Your Single Source for M-E-I-K (Mechanics - Electronics - IT - Knowledge).

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