Shuji Ogawa, Senior Engineer in Okuma’s Oguchi Production Department, Awarded Medal with Yellow Ribbon
03 Dec 2014

Shuji Ogawa, Senior Engineer in the Oguchi Production Department of Okuma’s Manufacturing Division, was awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon in the 2014 Medals of Honor announced on November 3rd. The Medal with Yellow Ribbon is awarded to individuals who show diligence and industry in their professional activities, and whose skills and achievements are recognized as exemplary.
Mr. Ogawa has been involved for many years in the assembly operations for headstocks, the most important element of lathes. Currently he works in our Oguchi Production Department, where he assembles large diameter headstocks with bearing inner diameters of more than φ500 mm. These large headstocks have a particularly high level of difficulty even among lathe headstocks. Mr. Ogawa also works in the training younger employees and to improve productivity.
Last year Mr. Ogawa was selected in the 2013 Contemporary Master Craftsman awards given by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Okuma’s Shuji Ogawa was selected in the General Machinery and Equipment Assembly and Repair Section (Metalworking Machine Assembly) of the 2013 Contemporary Master Craftsman awards.

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