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Development of Auto Attachment Head Compensation
03 Dec 2014

Okuma has developed an Auto Attachment Head Compensation system that maintains high accuracy on the attachment heads of double column machining centers.

AAHC was designed for double-column machining centers which use a wide variety of attachment heads, to simply and automatically correct attachment head rotational values and maintain the highest accuracy.

The operator only has to prepare simple measurement. The machine then automatically changes and measures multiple attachment heads and performs accurate attachment head compensation that is needed for high-accuracy machining. Compensation work that used to take more than half a day manually with three types of attachment head is shortened to about 20 minutes with this system. Automatic measurements can be done in a short time, making it possible to maintain high machining accuracy by regularly adjusting the changes in the compensation values due to aged deterioration.

AAHC helps operators achieve higher-accuracy and higher-efficiency machining on double-column machining centers.

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